Kamyla and the Scarlet Mage is a story-driven action platformer game. Help Kamyla fight diverse adversaries and find her purpose in life by exploring the world, locating her memories and facing tough challenges in fast action-driven boss fights.

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Kamyla left behind everything she treasured so she would not hurt the person closest to her. An incredible adventure of discovery awaits her at the end of the road, as well as new companions, false promises, and a world where a handful of families serve zealously for the greater good of the mysterious Society.



An action-platformer videogame with a special focus in narrative elements and exploration. The player can quickly explore the world, but must be ready to face dangerous enemies with spells, magical artifacts and, every so often, a tactical retreat.

You can watch a gameplay demo in the following link:



Smooth and colourful pixel-art in a world of fantasy, with diverse tones and themes. Dynamic backgrounds with parallax effects and original sprites for each of the characters that populate the world of Kamyla and the Scarlet Mage. Artistic assets developed in Clip Studio Paint and Aseprite.

Enjoying the artwork? You can check some more in the following video:



The soundtrack of Kamyla and the Scarlet Mage focuses on increasing the intensity of each stage in the game. While it is mostly comprised by Drum&Bass, each track in the soundtrack has its own unique theme for each stage and battle, which are characterized by the choice of instruments.

Enjoying the soundtrack so far? You can listen to available demos here:



Hi, my name is Rodrigo Lizama Sáez, CEO and main programmer of Onigiri Games. I started this company and my first videogame project on march of 2021, after I lost my job due to the current world situation. One day I dreamed of a videogame so unique that I thought "I have to make it!". So I founded Onigiri Games and currently we are a team of 5 people, all working hard on this project.

By funding this project, you will help us continue developing the videogame, as well as supporting the efforts of our resident artist, voice actress, scriptwriter and composer.

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